Volunteer – Could you Help?

Throughout its long history the Bradford Cinderella Club has prided itself on being run entirely by volunteers. All its officers and committee members have been volunteers and have not received any remuneration for their services.

We occasionally have to pay specialists for one-off tasks such as legal advice and for services such as printing and insurance but apart from those minimal costs all funds received from the public are used to help Bradford’s underprivileged children.

Can YOU help us maintain this proud tradition by giving up a little of your time and expertise in a good cause.


Committee Members
Apart from the Secretary, Applications Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman who all started off as committee members the only thing we ask is 2 or 3 hours a month to attend a meeting where we can decide which applications we can support and to what extent.

The 4 ‘officers’ listed above are volunteers who are willing and able to give a little extra time to fulfil those specialist positions.

Non-Committee Members with Special Talents

From time to time we need the assistance of specialists such as accountants to assist with the annual audit, IT specialists to assist with the web-site.

Special Event Volunteers

Once or twice a year we need help from anybody who can spare the time. For example to sort and pack shoe-boxes during our annual Christmas Shoe-Box appeal or to help collect and distribute Easter eggs.

If you think you could help in any way please contact one of our current members directly or use the contact page on this site and let us know.