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Funding Update July 2020

For group applications funding is restricted to 20% of the children attending an activity or the overall value of the event. What this means is, for example:

If a school (or other organisation) is going on a residential with forty children at a total cost of £4,000 this charity cannot support the event if:

  • funding is required in excess of £800


  • funding is requested for more than eight children 

Notes to assist in the completion of Financial Assistance Request Form.


In order to adequately assess the merits of each request and direct funds to those children who are underprivileged, please complete all details as full as is possible.

It is understood that costs can vary slightly once arrangements are completed. If an award is made and costs do vary from that on the form, an accurate final account should be submitted after the event in order to meet our own and the Charity Commissioners requirements, Please note, in normal circumstances the Committee meets once a month, with the exception of August. In order that due consideration can be given to each application, forms should be submitted at least two months prior to the event for which funds are requested.

Organisation Information
Please supply the name of the organisation which is making the application, to include the name of the person completing the application

Request For
Please provide the name, address and age of the child for whom each application is made. Bradford Cinderella Club will treat all names, etc. in the strictest confidence.

Project Details
Provide brief details of what the money is required for, residential trip, place etc.
The club does not usually support capital purchases or fund construction projects.

Definition of Underprivileged
How has the request been defined? Please give details.

Please provide all information requested to enable a full assessment of the application.

Application No.
Please enumerate each application form where there may be a number of applications for any one project. The detail of each form is to be transferred to the Summary Sheet, where applicable.

Any other Comments may be written on the reverse each application.

General Guidance Notes
Venue, Bradford Cinderella Club can only support activities within the UK mainland.

The club exists to assist underprivileged children within the Bradford Metropolitan District. It is unlikely that funding will be available for other children or adult helpers.

Lack of parental income is not necessarily the only criteria there may be other deciding factors such as neglect, physical and/or mental handicap.

Name of person making the application:
Name of organisation making request. Applications should be through an agency involved with children.
Please provide brief details of project for which funding is being requested.
Please indicate the number of children involved in project for which funding is being requested
Please provide a telephone contact number & email should we need to contact you.



Address to which application information should be posted.