we put smiles on
children's faces
providing treats to
underprivileged children
treats their schoolmates
take for granted

In the beginning

January 1890: After a brief flurry of letters in the “Bradford Observer” a group of concerned Bradfordians formed a committee to provide treats for the poor children of the town and the first treat involving 300 children was held less than a week later.

The Bradford Cinderella Club is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who take great pride in keeping costs low so that the vast majority of funds raised goes directly for the benefit of underprivileged children. The club receives no public funds and is financed through our own fundraising and your donations.

Corporate Social Responsiblity

The corporate world is changing with larger companies now being demanded to take corporate social responsibility in any number of ways. The larger supermarkets have grasped this with various offers, indeed, Asda make available to Bradford Cinderella Club a meeting room each month as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

If you are a company and wish to work with us we would love to meet and discuss how you can help us, which in turn helps people who just may be your customers.

For 125 years this Charity has been helping underprivileged children in the Bradford Metropolitan area, but we can only help when we know who to help! If you work with children that might benefit from our help then please get in touch.

Some of our supporters