Make helping the underprivileged children of Bradford one of your lasting gifts. Help to change lives by leaving a gift to the Bradford Cinderella Club in your Will.

Your Will is a testament of what you believe in. If you share the Cinderella Club’s belief in helping others, you can help the city’s poorest children have a better life for themselves and, who knows, change that life on to a much better path.

There are 3 main ways of doing this.

  • Donate a specific amount in your will.
  • Donate a specific item which the club can then sell to raise funds for it’s continuing use.
  • Donate a share of your estate to be worked out AFTER you’ve made provisions for your family and friends. Note this can be all the residual funds or just a stated fraction it is up to YOU.

All that you need to do is make sure you have written your will and that’s something you should do even if you don’t leave anything to the club.