Cards for care

Cards for Care is one of our newer functions as a charity and is designed to meet the needs of the most underprivileged children in our City.

The cards we use are Asda Parent & Student cards intended for students who are away from home so “Bank of Mum and Dad” can top up a debit-type card which the student who is away at university can spend sensibly on food and essentials.

The way we work these cards is to make Bradford Cinderella Club holder of the ‘Parent’ half of the card and a responsible professional working with youngsters retains the ‘Student’ portion.

When the youngster needs something essential, socks, vests, toothpaste etc then the responsible adult can use the ‘Parent’ Card at Asda to make the requisite purchases immediately at the point of need.  We will top up the card regularly, once receipts for previous expenditure are provided.

A Card for Care can be provided for a short-term matter, or a longer-term objective.  We have provided Cards for Care for individual one-off situations.

As well as dealing with specific youngsters who have the severest of needs we have a small number of cards placed with professionals who use the card on a more pastoral basis.

If you have a child who would benefit from the support a Card for Care would assist,  then pleased get in touch via our contact page.

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