Giving a Smile

Bradford Cinderella Club funds disadvantaged children in many different ways. One of the most common ways is by providing funding for individual children or small groups of children for a specific treat or one-off event that they would otherwise miss out on whilst their peers are able to take part.

Examples of this are school trips, access to special events, travelling to attend special events, holiday clubs, youth clubs and sports clubs. The possibilities are impossible to list in full, but we want to fund disadvantaged children to take part in activities that they would be unable to take part in without our support.

They can also be special treats, extra-curricular activities, or any other opportunity that they will enjoy or benefit from.

Help us by applying on their behalf and hopefully giving a smile to disadvantaged and underprivileged children in Bradford. The committee consider all applications that meet our basic criteria; so please apply today if you know of a child who could benefit from an activity, treat or event but without our support would go without.

Basic Criteria

  • The request is for a specific underprivilaged child residing within Bradford
  • The child is below school leaving age
  • The activity is compeltley within the UK
  • The activity is or will be operated by qualified / experienced personnel 
  • Make an application for funding

Funding Update July 2020

For group applications funding is restricted to 20% of the children attending an activity or the overall value of the event. What this means is, for example:

If a school (or other organisation) is going on a residential with forty children at a total cost of £4,000 this charity cannot support the event if:

  • funding is required in excess of £800


  • funding is requested for more than eight children