Our President

I first became aware of the Cinderella Club as a child because my father was on the committee. I can recall assisting at a BCC charity shop on Aldermanbury around 1960 and visiting Hest Bank for the annual openings. In my teens and early twenties I helped out on some of the BCC summer camps arranged by Wally Keay and his students at Pately Bridge and at Skythorne.

The BCC was always present in the family background with both my parents active committee members responsible for the Ravenscliffe area in the days when each member would be allocated an area of the city to assist but I was not really involved once I moved away from Bradford as a teacher and as an R.A.F. education officer. By the time I returned to the city dad had become Chairman and I became involved again but now as a teacher requesting help for pupils.

Following dad’s death in 1991 I would drive mum to the monthly meetings and sit in on discussions becoming an active member myself after a few months. Following the retirement of Fred Dalby I was invited to become Chairman. As other members stepped forward to take on key positions I moved on in the various roles as Treasurer and as Secretary and Trustee. When our then President retired in 2015 I was invited to fill the gap and become the club’s President myself.

As President I have seen it as my duty to assist the committee deliberations but my primary duty is to meet people and talk to groups to show that the Cinderella Club is still an active and energetic part of Bradford society and is still fulfilling a necessary role.

As part of that duty I am compiling the club history and if you have a tale to tell please – please contact me.