Terry Pearson

If I exclude my holidays to Hest Bank in the sixties, I have now been connected with Bradford Cinderella Club since around 1990, some thirty years. I have long held the view that if you have a skill that can help others, then you should use it to help others. I believe I have gained a lot of life skills over the years which I feel has benefitted Bradford Cinderella Club which in turn benefits the underprivileged kids we strive to help in any small way we can.

My hope is that the Charity one day will not be needed, that society will find a way to look after each other, it may be a pipedream, but one can hope. Till that day arrives, we need to ensure that this Charity succeeds and is here for as long as it is needed.

I am proud to play a part, with others that have become friends, as we take this charity into its thirteenth decade and beyond.

James Saville

From an early age my parents drummed into me the principle of helping others whenever I could. Both were Cinderella Club members so it’s not surprising that the club featured in my life. As a teacher and a youth leader I became aware of how many disadvantaged children there still are in our modern society and how the Cinderella Club is doing its best to help overcome this in Bradford.

When asked to become officially involved I was more than happy to do so and now, after almost 30 years of active involvement I am proud to be able to pass on my expertise and insight.  I hope that the future will bring a society where groups like ours are no longer needed but as long as it is still needed I will do what I can to assist.

Paul Thompson

My earliest recollection of the Cinderella Club, was when I was very young and my parents called at the Hest Bank site. I remembers putting pennies into a metal box placed at the end of a long drive. That was of course for the Cinderella holiday home especially for Bradford children.

I joined the Cinderella Club committee during 1969, and was soon responsible for looking after families that lived within the areas of Allerton and Lower Grange. I also became part of a team of people who ran the summer outdoor camps in the Yorkshire Dales. That was a joint venture with the tremendous support of the staff and students of what was then known as ‘Bingley College’.

I took over the position of Honorary Secretary from the retiring secretary Irving Midgley and I held the position for nearly 40 years until I too retired when I was 65. This was not the end of my service with the club as I was asked to become one of the trustees, a position I still hold today.