Crash Pad

This Charity is well known for the holiday home it ran for some seventy years at Hest Bank, which, due to storms and limited finance had to be closed in the late seventies.  Some forty years later as we head towards our Hundred and Thirtieth year of providing treats for underprivileged children, Bradford Cinderella Club are about to embark on providing accommodation for children who need an immediate break, somewhere comfortable where they can relax, somewhere with clean bedding, indeed, somewhere with bedding – a place they can chill and not have any pressure of any sort, just like tens of thousands of kids before the who visited Hest Bank.

But, as times change, so must we.  This means we will not be sending a coach-load of kids to the seaside but will be sending them for a night or two of clean well-fed living at our new facility here in Bradford – it will be their Crash Pad.

The Crash Pad has been a long time in the making to ensure every aspect of the accommodation is suited to the needs of the children who will use the facility under the supervision of appropriate adults.

The project is now underway with an anticipated completion date of Summer 2019.

A few progress photographs below.

Deviding wall between the two childrens bedrooms, yet to eb insulated and plastered.

Ceiling and bulkhead going into area of new kitchen for Crash Pad use.

Laser lining throigh new celing to meeting room – all ceilings being constructed to provide 60 mins fire protection to adjoining areas.

New store area making use of all avialable space side of lift shaft.

Lift shaft waiting for new lift to be installed. Date of install booked for 4 March 2019.

Two of the nine new sliding sash windows fitted to the rear elevation.