Shoe Box Appeal 2020

With all that will not be mentioned here going on at the moment, our annual shoebox appeal will be different this year, but the end result will remain exactly the same, we will be distributing 1,000 shoeboxes full of goodies to underprivileged children in the Bradford area.

Every year is special to each child, but maybe more this year when the underprivileged ones have perhaps had more of a challenging time than their peers.  A shoe box at Christmas is in a lot of instances the only present some will get – so we strive each year to make sure the boxes are ladened with goodies for boys and girls of all ages.

This year we will not be doing our normal day of build, pack and wrap due to distancing we need to comply with.  This year we have a small number of volunteers meeting regularly building and packing boxes so we can be ready in time to make sure we achieve our 1,000 target and they are distributed for Christmas.

What we need are donations in ether goodies or funding ££££’s

If you are able to make a donation of small fillers for the boxes, please email us
terry at cinderellaclub . org  
and we will arrange how we can collect or you can drop them off. 

In the past we have had a number of schools and other organisations who have assisted by doing their own boxes which is wonderful, we just ask that those boxes are filled but left unwrapped as we need to just check each box before distribution. 

For those making up boxes we would ask that you complete your boxes then place them within your organisation somewhere where they can ‘quarentine’ (I hate this bit) for three days following which we will make arrangements to collect them (or you can deliver) to join with the other donations and boxes we will be distributing.

If you would like to make a cash donation, you can donate at

Some useful tick and check list here for you if you are making up boxes.