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1. I didn' t know the Cinderella Club still existed, where have you been?
We have been here all the time! We have not gone anywhere.

We have intentions of being here for as long as underprivileged children in the Bradford Metropolitan area need us.

2. So how long has the charity been in existence?
The Bradford Cinderella Club was formed in 1890, yes over a Century ago.

3. Do you still have the Holiday Home in Morecambe?
Unfortunately, due to storm damage, and a lack of finance, the Home had to be sold in the early 70's.

4. Is the charity just for Bradford Children?
Yes. The charity was established with a strict set of rules which are still in use today, though some modifications have been made, the Club is able to assist any child of school age in the Bradford Metropolitan District.

5. What does the club fund?
The principle aims of the Club are to provide ‘treats' and holidays for children, as well as anything else that would be beneficial in terms of welfare.

6. Is there anything which you will not fund?
The club will not fund general collections for individual projects, nor can we fund capital items.

In general terms funding is for an individual underprivileged child.

7. How to apply for funds?
To apply for funds from Bradford Cinderella Club, an application needs to be submitted. These can be downloaded from the site in the Finance Section.

8. How long does it take to make a decision on each application?
Usually, within a month.

The club meets on the second Thursday of each month, with the exception of August.

Applications should be received by the Club a couple of days prior to each meeting. Applications are usually dealt with in the next meeting following receipt.

Please note, applications cannot be funded retrospectively.

9. How do you define an underprivileged child?
You will know!

10. How do I make a donation to the Bradford Cinderella Club?
There are various ways of donating to Bradford Cinderella Club. For more information, please visit the Finance section on our web site.